Commit e565bfb3 authored by Aviator's avatar Aviator 💬

[QT] Remove Macos Clang Check

parent 397c8491
......@@ -570,18 +570,6 @@ int main(int argc, char* argv[])
initTranslations(qtTranslatorBase, qtTranslator, translatorBase, translator);
#ifdef Q_OS_MAC
#if __clang_major__ < 4
QString s = QSysInfo::kernelVersion();
std::string ver_info = s.toStdString();
// ver_info will be like 17.2.0 for High Sierra. Check if true and exit if build via cross-compile
if (ver_info[0] == '1' && ver_info[1] == '7') {
QMessageBox::critical(0, "Unsupported", BitcoinGUI::tr("High Sierra not supported with this build") + QString("\n\n"));
// Show help message immediately after parsing command-line options (for "-lang") and setting locale,
// but before showing splash screen.
if (mapArgs.count("-?") || mapArgs.count("-help") || mapArgs.count("-version")) {
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