Commit abac480b authored by barrystyle's avatar barrystyle

only flush state to disk where required

parent c7710a38
......@@ -2514,7 +2514,7 @@ bool static ConnectTip(CValidationState& state, CBlockIndex* pindexNew, CBlock*
LogPrint("bench", " - Flush: %.2fms [%.2fs]\n", (nTime4 - nTime3) * 0.001, nTimeFlush * 0.000001);
// Write the chain state to disk, if necessary. Always write to disk if this is the first of a new file.
FlushStateMode flushMode = FLUSH_STATE_ALWAYS;
FlushStateMode flushMode = FLUSH_STATE_IF_NEEDED;
if (pindexNew->pprev && (pindexNew->GetBlockPos().nFile != pindexNew->pprev->GetBlockPos().nFile))
if (!FlushStateToDisk(state, flushMode))
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