Commit a989d473 authored by barrystyle's avatar barrystyle

quick hack to allow separation of mainnet/testnet clients by version too

parent e0b84744
......@@ -5467,6 +5467,11 @@ bool static ProcessMessage(CNode* pfrom, string strCommand, CDataStream& vRecv,
return true;
bool IsTestnet()
return Params().NetworkID() == CBaseChainParams::TESTNET;
// Note: whenever a protocol update is needed toggle between both implementations (comment out the formerly active one)
// so we can leave the existing clients untouched (old SPORK will stay on so they don't see even older clients).
// Those old clients won't react to the changes of the other (new) SPORK because at the time of their implementation
......@@ -5476,6 +5481,9 @@ int ActiveProtocol()
// SPORK_15 is used for 70911. Nodes < 70911 don't see it and still get their protocol version via SPORK_14 and their
// own ModifierUpgradeBlock()
if (IsTestnet())
return 70914;
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